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The Overheard Press

Hey Vic City,

There is a super hilarious, satirical news blog that has been picking up attention since their first post back in January. We mentioned it before, but the link never quite made it to Facebook, so a bunch of people might have missed. If that is the case, the blog, which posts almost daily during the week, pokes fun at something or someone in a funny yet very true fashion. The Overheard Press ties in global news, such as the "trash island" in the South Pacific with former fitness trends, such as Vibram Five Fingers. Other topics for hilarity include globo gyms, athletes over thinking workouts, and of course, Dave Castro, to name a few.

The reason I seem to continually have a good read with these, is how relatable they are. Being at a couple of different gyms, for most of each day, every article illuminates a clear picture of someone I've encountered. Whether it is a random drop-in at a non-CrossFit gym, to my good buddies I see and train with repeatedly. Take these following titles for example, and I'm sure there will be a moment, either recently, or in your fitness journey before CrossFit, that comes to mind.

"CrossFit Athlete Hospitalized for Chalk Inhalation"

"Guy Snatching in the Corner Secretly Hopes you're Watching"

"Gym Owner Secretly Sharpens the Edge of Plyo Boxes"

"Women Suffers from Extreme Bulkiness After First Week of CrossFit Training"

Keep in mind that the tagline of the blog is "THE MOST TRUSTED SATIRICAL NEWS IN THE FITNESS INDUSTRY." These blogs aren't meant to hurt feelings or single anyone out. With that in mind, if you are like me and could use a good laugh to get those abs engaged, follow them on Instagram and Facebook, or head the their website.

If you're already deep into the Facebook subscriptions and wanted something else to get you pumped over the upcoming training. Check out this video of multi-year Games athlete Travis Mayer doing Helen. Spoiler, he is quick and this video is 5 years old.




Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm up: 3 rounds of Cindy, increase speed as you go

Skill: Bench Press 10-8-6-4-2 E2M

Build weight as you go but keep reps smooth

WOD: Helen

Another classic running wod, this one blends a tough grip combo of kbs and pullups... Leaderboard wod too - check out the in-gym rankings to see scores to beat!

Rx: 3 rounds for time of: 400m run, 21 kbs (35/53), 12 pullups

TG: 200m runs, scale swings, ring rows

FG: kbs 26/44, assisted pullups

Games Prep*: Weight vest, heavy kbs (44/70), ring MU

*suitable for those with goals of competing at the CF Games

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