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Back Squat Bailing

Hey all, there comes a time in every crossfitters life when they're just not going to make a rep on the back squat. It might be a 10 rep set or a 1rm, but at the failure point it doesn't matter - there's a weight on your back that needs to go somewhere!

If you search youtube, you'll find a lot of ways NOT to dump a bar ... and virtually all of them involve collapsing forwards with the bar moving in the same direction. You can get around this quite simply by working on your squat position - the more upright you are, the less likely you'll get into this very dangerous position.

Most times when you fail a rep, you will be about a third to half way up from the bottom of the squat. You will have to act quickly and decisively to get out from under the weight safely.

What you want to do is push the bar BACK and jump yourself FORWARDS. As soon as the bar starts moving back, it becomes easy to spring out of its path and safely forwards. The video below shows a good example of how to execute this move.

Other things to consider are making sure that your squatting area is clear of other weights or other people - a bar landing on weights (even behind you) can shoot forwards and still impact your body. Other people may be unaware of your impending bail so keep your partners a safe distance away.

All in all, just be ready and act quickly, and you'll be a bar bailing expert when you need it the most!



Warm - up:

Skill: Back Squat heavy triple: 16 min to build to a heavy but very technically solid triple. Warm up with bar only.

WOD1: Bring Sally Up with pullups

Hang on the bar - when you hear bring sally up, pull yourself up (strict or kip), bring sally down, lower back to hang. Take breaks as needed, don't go to failure on pullups or grip early on! No score, just give it a go!

Scale to assisted pullups or ring rows

WOD2: Bring Sally Up with Wallballs

Bring sally up - do a wallball, bring sally down - hold the bottom of the squat with your ball (you may hold it however you like) - No score, just for fun

Scale wallball weight or do squat without ball to scale

Cash-out: 3-5 x 10 double crunch, 10 pushups

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