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Just Start

We all start for different reasons, but all that matters is that we start at all.


Training Monday - Tuesday

Warm-up: Roxanne with burpees! Every time you hear "Roxanne" in the Police's famous song, do a burpee :)

WOD: Partner Incendiary

This is a variation of a pretty classic wod we've run a few times at Vic City. Choose a partner who is around the same fitness level as you so you balance the run and the reps!

Just like Nurwor, one person runs while the other does the rounds of Cindy, when both are done, you switch!

Your score is your total time

Rx: 5 rounds each person of 400m run, 2 rounds of Cindy

TG: 3 rounds each, scale movements as needed

FG: modify pushups and pullups

Comp: Add vest OR 3 rounds of Cindy per run

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