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Heat and Hydration

Hey Vic City,

We’ve already experienced some pretty hot days in the past few weeks, and without a doubt there will be more to come, as the summer months start to unfold. With outside temperatures increasing, it doesn’t take much to get us sweating. Obviously, when we sweat, we lose fluids. Whether you are at the gym, doing yard work, or some recreational activities, make sure you are replenishing those fluids. A recommendation would be to have about 500ml of water an hour or so before heading to the gym, and have a water bottle on standby to have sips before and after the class warm-up. If there is a skill component in the class having some water between sets isn’t a bad idea either.

If you prepare yourself properly, you shouldn’t need to have a water break mid-WOD. Especially during shorter workouts, anything less than 15 minutes, a water break would most likely just slow down your WOD and just be an extra excuse for a rest. Following the workout, don’t forget to have some water, in addition to your post workout shake. Regardless of heat factors, water is a priority for proper recovery, and will let you come back happy and healthy for your next WOD.

Stay hydrated and enjoy!


Heavy thrusters in the WOD, so here is Dmitry Klokov thrustering more than most people's deadlift


Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warmup: Rowling 2 x 200


Skill WOD: Thruster combo

A. 15 min to establish a 1rm thruster from the floor Rest 5 min

B. 90 sec amrap of squat clean thruster singles at 70% of heavy single

TG: from a rack, can do front squats for the amrap

Conditioning WOD: 1k or 2k row OR 5 min or 10 min assault bike for max cals

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