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First Announced CF Games WOD

Director of the CrossFit Games Dave Castro just recently announced one of the first workouts for the 2017 Games and it gave me flashbacks to the Open announcements and his terrible handwriting. The workout itself isn't really that clear; all that has been shown is that it is a Run-Swim-Run WOD. Distances and duration has not been revealed to us but you can bet it will be challenging. This year is the first year that every division will do the same workout. The teens, masters and individuals will take this workout on together! It will be interesting to see how many (if any) teens and masters beat some of the individuals!

Have a watch at Dave's oddly irritating handwriting skills and dramatic reveal of the first WOD below:



Once through

400m jog

30 air squats

20 pushups

10 ring rows/pull-ups

SKILL: warm up well for the wod!! WOD: BEACHBOD

For this workout, you will be in a team of 3 people, with one person working while the other two are resting. The work does not have to be split evenly. You must maintain the same order though as you go through the wod.

Rx: 90 bench press @ 85/135lb, (one person must always be a spotter), 90 weighted pullups (15-25lb/40-50lb - use dumbbells), 90 Power Cleans @ 85/135

TG: 60 reps of each, scale weight as needed, ring rows and hang power cleans

FG1: 55/75, assisted pullups, hang power cleans

FG2: 75/115, unassisted pullups

Comp: 105/155, 25/55

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