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Jacked and Tan(k) Sale

Hey Vic City,

My last post was about heat and hydration, and how to best prepare yourself for the summer conditions. However, a point I didn't touch on was attire. There is nothing better than a sweet tank to rock to and from the gym on hot days, and from now until the end of July we are giving you a deal that should help out with that summer hotness (both temperature and esthetics).

How can you get in on the deal? It's easy!

Buy any Jaktrx or Blonyx product from our supplement store and get a Tank Top of your choice for only $25! Our Jaktrx protein is a popular choice, but don't forget our Blonyx products, Beta-Alanine and HMB+Creatine - all great choices if you are looking to add more strength and power to your hard working body.

You can't go wrong with this deal, unless you wait too late and miss out! It is for July ONLY!

Do what you want with the supplements, pour them on your "Beef Pillows" like Danny Broflex does. However, I'd recommend taking the appropriate dose as the label describes, but that's just me.



Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: 400m jog then 20 easy taters, 20 double crunch, 10 walking lunge


Strength 1: Bench Press 5 x 5 E2M

Build to a heavy 5

Strength 2: Deadlift 5 x 5 E2M

Build to a heavy but technically perfect 5 (your choice of deadlift style)

Conditioning: Assault bike 3 min max cal's

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