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Travelling CrossFitter

Hey Vic City,

Summer is a great time to travel. If you are like Vic City members, Alex Derksen and Rachael Hartley, you've enjoyed a summer full of different countries and cultures. Even though they are sight seeing and having new experiences, they are still dropping in to a few different CrossFit gyms along the way. Regardless if you are going around the world or just a trip over to the Okanagan you can easily find a CrossFit box to get a workout in.

Planning a trip? Just search and type the city you are heading to.

It will give you all the local CrossFit boxes in that area. You can either find the one closest to the area you are in, but I'd recommend doing a bit of research if there are a few in the neighbourhood. Sending a message to the gym manager about your plans are never a bad idea. The contact information that you need should be located either on their website or Facebook page, or both. Usually it helps to mention that you've been doing CrossFit before and are looking to drop into a group class.

A few tips to keep in mind that might make your experience better:

1) Does the class require a pre WOD sign up? Sometimes, in larger gyms especially, signing up for a class is require to unsure there is enough space for everyone doing it.

2) Drop in fee. Obviously if you don't have a membership at a gym, and you are using their facility, you should expect to pay a drop in fee. However, what is not usually advertised at many gyms, is that if you buy a T-shirt you can probably get your drop-in fee thrown in (It usually works out to be a good souvenir and inexpensive shirt). Also, if you are planning on multiple visits, discuss multiple drop in options as well.

3) Class programming. At Vic City we offer back to back days of the same program to best allow for recovery and for individual's different schedules to make most if not all our classes, for a well-rounded fitness. However, some gyms many have different WODs each day, or follow programming. Ask ahead so you can be prepared.

4) Have fun and make friends. This goes for everyone at our gym too. Often times we have visitors at Vic City, so try to make them feel at home. Even if someone isn't a visitor, they might be doing the WOD at a different time than they are used to. Say "Hi" as you will all be sharing in the same class challenge.

This past Tuesday we had a family from Germany drop in to the 12pm class. Ralph was 24th in the Open in his Masters age category for the Europe region (Europe has about 6 times the number of competitors as Canada West).

Sabrina and Ralph (Daughters not pictured) after doing the noon class.


Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: With an empty bar - 3 rounds - 8 deadlift, 6 hang power clean, 4 strict press. 2 samson lunge in between with 5 sec hold

Skill: Review Power Clean and Push Jerk

Barbell EMOM

No score for this, focus on quality crisp reps!

8 rounds of 1 power clean + 1 push Jerk (light to medium)

Rest 4 min, adjust weight

8 rounds of 1 power clean + 1 push Jerk (medium to heavy)


Tabata Row (SCORE) - 1 cycle of 8 tabata intervals, lowest metres achieved is your score

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