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Can West Countdown

Eryn crushing some KB snatches

Hey all,

This weekend plays host to one of the biggest Crossfit competitions in Canada - the Can West Games. Staged by Rocky Point CrossFit, this competition has scaled, rx, and elite divisions for individual athletes and teams. A number of Regionals level athletes will be competing over three days in a wide variety of tasks.

Vic City has three athletes competing - Caileigh and Caleb in the Elite Individual competition and Eryn in the team competition. It will be a tough challenge for all three for sure, and you can track their progress via the Can West Games scoring website: (search for Can West Games).

You can see more info about the events at the Can West website. Give our athletes a cheer this weekend or just send them some positive thoughts, it might be the boost that they need!




WARM UP: 3 rounds - 10 kbs, 10 double crunch, 30 single skips

SKILL: Warm up run and general calisthenics

WOD: Murph Junior

We will be revisiting this wod from May where the goal was to work the skills and stamina you'll need on August 13th for the Murph Challenge! Scale as needed and try to aim for consistent interval times in your rounds of Cindy.

This is a tough blend of running volume and calisthenics, with a bit less volume than the legendary Murph wod. You'll be well familiar with Cindy by this point and the goal in this workout is to cycle your rounds on a steady rhythm. 40 min cap!

Rx: 400m run, 2 rounds of Cindy, 600m run, 4 rounds of Cindy, 800m run, 4 rounds of Cindy, 600m run, 2 rounds of Cindy, 400m run

TG: Split run distances and rounds of Cindy in half, scale as needed

FG: Assisted pullups, mod pushups, half distance runs

FG2: Assisted pullups, mod pullups

CP: Weight vest

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