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August Sales!

Hey all, it's the end of the summer, everyone's loopy from the heat, but as the saying goes "winter is coming!". Now is a great opportunity to stock up on some supplements and supplies to set you up for success in the fall.

We've got two supplements on sale and have also added TAPE (yes for your poor hands) on sale for the first time! Here are the details:

JaktRx Protein is on sale - $48 per tub (regular $55)!

Blonyx HMB + Creatine is on sale - $46 per tub (regular $55)!

Mueller athletic tape is on sale - $9 for two rolls (regular price $11)!

Lightplast pro tape is on sale - $6 for two rolls (regular price $7)!

Please limit yourself to two of each of the above so more people can get in on this offer.


Get in and get your stuff!



Training Friday - Saturday

Warm-up: "Roxanne" with medball cleans

Choose a lighter ball, limber up with some coach-led drills prior to starting!

WOD: OTM Cindy Ladder

This will be one of our last official Murph prep wods! This style of workout is great for two reasons - firstly it builds from a relatively easy start (built in warmup!) and allows you to execute quality reps due to the rest each minute.

Each minute you will rotate to another movement. Your score is your best completed round plus any extra reps. Once you cannot complete the designated reps of any exercise in the given minute, your wod is over!

Coach Cam has already tried this out and got 10 full rounds + 30 reps (11 pullups and 19 pushups) with a 20lb vest. Give it a go and take him down!

Rx: First minute - 3 pullups. Second minute - 6 pushups. Third minute - 9 squats. Then 4-8-12, 5-10-15, and so on.

TG: Ring rows or jumping pullups, modified pushups

FG: Jumping pullups, modified pushups

Comp: 14/20lb vest

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