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MURPH Update

Hey all, the day is rapidly approaching! The Vic City MURPH Challenge is going down on Sunday August 13th. Here are some details about the day:

- You have until Thursday August 10th to register! Click here to go to our registration page. Your donation secures your registration.

- Want to donate but not participate? There is a button on the registration page to contribute some money to this great cause!

- We will have judges for all Rx partners and individuals - which will be other Rx partners and individuals! We want to make sure your effort is virtuous and complete. When you show up on the day, you will be assigned to a heat to judge.

- We have weight vests available to use, some are better than others but all will be the right weights!

- Our run route will be an out and back on the Galloping Goose trail, which will involve negotiating a small set of stairs. The Goose offers a much better route though as there will be only one turnaround and it is essentially flat the entire way.

- Spectators are welcome, extra judges are welcome, and if you want to bring in some food to support the athletes, feel free to do so!

I put together a short video featuring one of the important movement standards for the Challenge, check it below:

See you guys on Sunday, bring a good attitude and full effort.



Training Monday - Tuesday

Warm-up: Partner Shuttle with other partner performing rounds of 5 pushups/5 double crunch/5 squats. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 shuttle runs each!

Team Challenge #1: Front 5

In a team of 3 with one bar, achieve a heavy 5 front squat for each person in 15 min. Bar is taken from the floor. This is your first score (combination of each person's best successful 5 rep lift).

Team Challenge #2: Jackie is that you?

This is a "gauntlet" style relay where the next person may not advance until the person ahead of them is done the next station. Each person will complete the following:

1k row, 40 pullups, 80 wallballs. Person 1 rows and then advances to the pullups. Person 2 starts rowing then advances to the pullups as long as Person 1 has completed their reps. Your second score is your total time to get the whole team through.

TG: 750 row, 25 ring rows, 40 wallballs or 60 air squats

FG: Scale ball weight, assisted pullups

CP: CTB or weight vest, heavy wallballs

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