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CrossFit Team Series

Hey Vic City,

The Games season is over, following the conclusion of the 2017 Games, which wrapped up Sunday night in Madison, Wisconsin. I was fortunate enough to be able to make the trip to watch the competition live for the fourth year, and although it was much different than sunny southern California, it was still motivating on so many levels. It makes me want to get back competing again, and not wait until the Open in February.

CrossFit has a couple of off-season competitions that can satisfy that eagerness. It starts with the Team Series. Historically, the Team Series has been groups of 4, teaming up 2 men and 2 women. However, this year the Team Series will be done in pairs, either 2 men, 2 women, or a man and a women.

Here are some details from the Games website:

Two sets of partner workouts will be released with a live announcement on Wednesday, Sept. 20, and Wednesday, Sept. 27. In Week 1, pairs will have until Monday, Sept. 25, to complete the workouts and submit their scores. The deadline for Week 2 will be Monday, Oct. 2. This means pairs have five days to complete the workouts once they are released.

Pairs will be able to choose between the Rx'd and scaled version of each workout. Choosing scaled for one workout will not prevent a team from doing the next workout as prescribed.

This year, the competition will offer the same age groups as the Open: All, 14-15, 16-17, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59 and 60+.

If two people of different age groups team up, they’ll be listed in the most competitive age group. For example, if two athletes aged 36 and 61 team up, they’ll go in All Ages and 35-39. If two teenagers aged 17 and 14 team up, they’ll go in All Ages and 16-17. If a teenager and a masters athlete team up, they’ll only go in All Ages.

Also like the CrossFit Games Open, pairs can perform the events in front of a judge at a participating affiliate or film their performances and submit a link to the video on YouTube with each score.”

This pair format is similar to how we are planning on doing the Vic City Games, so we will have the Vic City Games prior so we can use that to build some team moral. Here is Rory with a video breakdown.

Get pumped,



Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: 6 min EMOM: 5 medball cleans, 3 burpees

Skill: Warm up deadlift for workout, review of KB/DB StO technique

WOD: Delete

This is a tough combination of a whole body strength movement (the deadlift) and an upper body power exercise that requires a bit of finesse. Pick a deadlift weight that is challenging but manageable for a set of 15 unbroken. Time frame should be 6-10 minutes, so don't go too light on this one.

Rx: 20-16-12 of Deadlift @ 165/245 and Single Arm KB StO @ 35/53 (split reps between arms, do not have to alternate reps)

TG + FG: Scale bar and kb/db weight as needed

CP: 185/275 + 44/70

Murph Run Prep Cashout: Run 800 to 1600m, at your goal pacing for Murph

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