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Assault Sprint

Hey Vic City,

We talk about not "redlining" in most WODs, however, most WODs are longer than 4 or 5 minutes. There are cases where you need to just turn off any idea of pacing and just GO! Benchmark WODs like Fran and Grace are in that category, where top times in the world are sub 2 minutes.

I would place the next class WOD in that group. It is called Assault Sprint because it is just that, a sprint. A top time will cause some serious discomfort but sometimes that is what your fitness needs.

A hesitate bike at the start of the WOD could add minutes to your time. On the other hand, committing to those calories will get you off the death bike fast, and on to finish the rest of the WOD.

Check the video of "Assault Banger" a recent Games workout. Heat 2 of the men's competition features George Sanchez, who might be the best Assault bike rider in the world.

Good hard, and enjoy!


Start the video 11:47


Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-Up: In partners, with 1 med ball - 400m jog switching every 50m, 10 side passes/side, 20 partner wallballs

Skill: Teams of 3 - Back Squat heavy 3 in 15 minutes, scored individually as (score 1)

*Coaches will review bailing beforehand*

WOD: "Assault Sprint" (score 2)

20/30 cal assault bike, 20 shoulder to overhead 110/70 (axle bar), 20/30 pull-ups

*Goal sub 5 minutes, ideally sub 3.

TG: 15/25 cal bike, scale weight, ring rows

FG: 90/50, assisted pull-ups

CP: 140/90, CTB

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