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Green Book and BodyComp

Hey all,

Two important items in this blog! Read through both please :)

The Green Book - A gift for Caileigh and Caleb

First off, I thought many of you might want to share some words/thoughts/feelings with Caileigh and Caleb. I purchased a book (see above) so that you can write down some words for them if you choose. You could pop a photo in there, or even a letter for their eyes only. Don't be shy, and it doesn't have to be a long passage by any means, just a little token of our appreciation for their time at Vic City. I'm sure it will mean a lot to them.

The book will be on the coffee table by the couches. Please write in the book BEFORE your workout to keep the pages looking fresh!

Secondly, many of you may be interested in checking on the effects of your new nutrition plan, or how your training is shaping your body. With that in mind, I will be offering Body Composition Assessments through our partner space, Strength & Health. Through both my undergraduate degree, my time working in various personal and group training settings, and some continuing education courses, I have done hundreds of Body Composition Assessments.

These assessments will involve taking accurate skinfold measurements from seven sites to get a total sum of skinfolds (SO7S). We can use this to get an estimate of your percent bodyfat as well as calculations for lean mass and fat mass.

As part of the assessment we will also measure your BMI and waist to hip ratio, which give a broad measure of your overall health.

These assessments will cost $40 + GST for a single measurement and $35 for successive meetings and will take place over 30 mins. You'll get a printout with your information and several sheets showing you where you are relative to others of your age and gender.



WARM-UP: Rowling - 3 x 100m each, 2 x walking lunge steps for every metre under/over

SKILL: Hang Power Snatch Cycling review

WOD: See Three

This is a high volume team workout done in groups of 3. You can split the work however you like and utilize the strengths of each member or break it up equally between your teammates. The weight is meant to be light enough to quickly cycle through. Good luck!

Rx: Each team completes - 135 hang power snatches (55/75), 300 du, 120 cal row, 300 du, 135 thrusters (55/75)

TG: Scale to 35/45, single skips x 2

FG: 45/65

Comp: 75/115

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