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Hey all, every once in a while it's good to get a bit of a volume push in your training. The extra volume creates a greater stimulus for fitness adaptation and can help you surpass plateaus in your performance.

These push weeks need to be scheduled only once in a while - too frequently and they can overload your system. By utilizing a push week once every 8-12 weeks, we can safely bump up your fitness without risking burnout or injury.

The last week of August (starting Monday August 28th) we'll be doing a push week at Vic City. Each and every day that week, from Monday to Saturday, we will post a different wod. You can attend any and all days of training that week if you are on a 3 days per week membership (or skills plus). If you're on 2 days per week you can attend up to 3 classes!

This will be a super fun week of programming with a ton of variation and we can afford to go even more varied than usual with a 6 day template. I think you'll enjoy it a lot although there may be a desire to cherry pick some wods :)

So get ready for a big PUSH in your fitness!





Part 1 - 6 min EMOM of 6 Russian KBs + 6 pushups

Part 2 - 6 min EMOM of 6 deadlift, 6 hang power clean, 6 back squats (bar only or very light loading)

WOD: "Grace"

Grace is an absolutely classic workout. One of the original CrossFit "Girl" wods, Grace is meant to be short and sharp, with top times in the world in the 1:10 to 1:30 range.

For our class today, you can go one of two routes - fast and intense (aiming for sub 3 min) or you can challenge yourself with a slightly heavier weight and work on your technique under fatigue. Normally we would direct you to one of these two choices however today you can choose your adventure! Either way your wod time should be under 10 mins

Rx: 30 clean and overhead for time @ 95/135

TG: Hang cleans, scale bar as needed

FG1: 55/75

FG2: 65/95

Comp: 125/185

CASH-OUT (IF TIME ALLOWS): 30-20-10 of double crunch and HR pushups

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