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Great Intensity

Hey Vic City,

By definition, CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity. The programming at CrossFit Vic City prescribes functional movement, along with the variation component of that statement. However, that leaves one final element in your own hands – the high intensity aspect. Intensity is often the most challenging to grasp. It’s finding the pace that allows your muscles to be burning, while your lungs are on fire. It’s being uncomfortable and still able to turn up the speed just a little more.

It doesn’t always have to be a short WOD to have intensity. You can still complete a longer duration workout, and hold a pace that makes you want to stop, but you keep pushing through. Grace, the most recent class WOD, was an all out sprint. 30 reps was all that was needed to finish. That is about as fast as they get. On the other hand, Murph, literally hundreds of reps, across a time domain that is likely 10 to 30 times as long as Grace. If you truly attack the workout with intensity, whatever the duration is, you’ll be gasping for air, still feeling a significant amount of discomfort, yet also a great deal of satisfaction.

It was great to see the members hit Grace with intensity the past couple of days. I was extremely impressed with the smart scaling options, and the great technique even in the back half of the WOD. Congrats for that, and bring that intensity for future class workouts.

I've been talking about Dan Bailey's Grace performance, and I think some people didn't believe me, so here it is.




Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warmup: OTM rep ladder of medball cleans (start at 2 and go up by 2 each round to 12 reps - 6 min) followed by twenty dowel dislocates.

Wod prep: specific mobility drills for ohs

Wod: Nancy

Classic cf wod once again! Work on stability and mobility in the ohs, don't be afraid to reduce the weight to keep your shoulders safe.

Rx: 5 rds for time of 400m run, 15 ohs 65/95

Tg: 3 rds, scale as needed

Fg1: 3-5 rds, 35/45

Fg2: 55/75

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