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King and Queen of Push Week

Hey gang,

This week will be a tough one for sure. You have the opportunity to do up to 6 wods per week, and all of them will challenge you in different ways.

To up the ante though, we're going to make things just that extra bit more competitive. Mark O'Regan had a great suggestion in the 6am class last Friday of naming a champ at the end of the week. So we're going to do exactly that - next Sunday we will crown a King and Queen of Push Week.

These two Vic City members will have completed 3 of the 6 workouts next week. You will not know which 3 will contribute to your score so you will have to push hard in all the wods this week to give yourself a chance.

There will be both Rx and Scaled Kings and Queens of Push Week. I will do my best to provide great scaling options for you all to compete strongly for these titles! In most classes we will pair up and judge each other through these wods - in a fair and supportive way of course!

As a side note, the following changes to our class schedule are in effect this week:

- No skills plus

- 6am every day!

Work hard, have fun... I'm excited to watch it go down!

Coach Cam



WARM-UP: Partner shuttle run alternated with 8 double crunch, 8 glute bridge, 2 inchworms. Pick up next round where you left off!

1, 2, 3, 4 shuttle runs each

WOD Prep: Review tech and pacing for wod.


Continuing our theme of hitting classic CrossFit wods, Helen is likely one of my favorite all time wods. This is a big aerobic push and requires strong muscular endurance on the swings and pullups.

Rx: 3 rounds for time of: 400m run, 21 kettlebell swings (35/53), 12 pullups

Scaled: 26/44lb KB, Jumping pullups (bar must be at least 6" from the top of your head)

TG: Scale workout as needed

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