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Vic City Total

Hey gang,

Outstanding work on HELEN today, some truly great scores and PRs across the board. Lots of energy and enthusiasm too which is great to see. Now for something completely different!

This class is all about getting some heavy weights moving. We're going to combine three different lifts towards your Vic City Total. No matter where you are in your fitness, you'll get to express your strength and have a measure to work forward from.

As always, put your technique to the forefront as the week is young and we have many wods to complete!

Reminder that there will be a 6am class tomorrow!




WARM-UP: 3 rounds with an empty bar: 6 deadlift, 6 hang power snatch, 6 back squat. 30 jumping jacks in between each round.


You will have three 15 minute blocks to attain the following lifts. Warm up prior to the snatch is with bar only. Racks can be used for the front squat and shoulder to overhead. You will move immediately from one block to the next!

1. Heavy single snatch - Power or Full - as many attempts as you like inside of the 15 minutes allotted for this lift

2. Heavy triple front squat - you may share with another member, keep your area clear of any additional weights or equipment as you may have to bail!!

3. Heavy 5 shoulder to overhead - any style of shoulder to overhead may be used (push press, push jerk, split jerk) as long as you do 5 sequentially and don't re-rack the bar in between!

Add up your three best lifts and that is your score. Good luck!

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