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Get Gymnasty

Hey gang, so far this week we've had a classic crossfit triplet, a max day, and a pure aerobic day. Kudos to everyone who is competing day in and day out regardless of the challenge... I know with this variety of events there are going to be some outside your "wheelhouse"!

Tomorrow brings another type of challenge, in the form of a gymnastics metcon. The goal here is to showcase your skills in a variety of challenging movements. As always, scale as needed!




WARMUP: Alt OTM x 4 each - 8 medball cleans, 8 ring rows

SKILL: Review pistols, warm them up

WOD: Gymrap

Rx: AMRAP 12 minutes of: 6/10 hspu (kip), 10 ttb, 10 pistol squats (5/side), 10 ctb pullups

Scaled: 10 HR pushups, 10 hanging knee raise, 10 pistols to box, 10 jumping pullups

TG: Scale movements as needed

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