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Assault this last wod

Well gang, it's the last wod of PUSH week. Buck up and get your body going, join a few of your buddies and work hard to get in a great dose of fitness to end the week.

All the coaches are super impressed with everyone's energy and effort this week. We all can feel the motivation and drive you have shown throughout ALL the wods and it is great to see that so many of you have really taken the opportunity to experience PUSH week to it's fullest.

Coach Adam will tabulate the scores and when the dust settles, we'll name our champs! Stay tuned to the blog Sunday night for that. Until then, keep pushing :)




WARM UP: 200-400m jog, 10 inchworms, 200-400m jog, 8 inchworms

WOD: Air Assault

Grab three other willing combatants (i.e. teams of four) and work together to get the best score possible. Try to team up with people you don't normally train with!

Rx: 16 repeats each person of 30s Assault bike with 1:30 rest (while your other three team mates do their work). Total cals is your score!

Coaches, this is a 32 minute wod

Cash-Out: Chill out, roll out

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