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Wow what a week!

Tons of PRs, mixing and matching different people in different classes, a super challenging series of wods, and just generally a really good time!

It was great to watch from the coaching side - we could all feel the excitement and interest from you guys the whole week. It's tough to commit to a full week of tough workouts but you guys did an excellent job!

So what where the three scoring workouts? I'm sure you all had your guesses! Here they are, with a rationale for each one:

1. HELEN - this showed up on Day 1, a great blend of stamina and specific muscular endurance. It is a great classic CrossFit test and was an obvious choice for inclusion during our week.

2. VIC CITY TOTAL - What better way to reward strength and technique than an all - heavy - lifting wod? This event was an opportunity to showcase your strength skill and was a nice balance with the endurance needed for Helen earlier in the week.

3. THE FINISHER - In my mind, this was a mix of events 1+2 and therefore a great complement to the two scores already logged. Strength was needed for the thrusters but smaller athletes weren't ruled out by the low reps and the opportunity to pick up time on the burpees and double unders. Plus, I really love the challenge of minimizing transition times and marshaling energy in short workouts like this. It was a fantastic event to watch!

Through the week, Coach Adam kept tabs on the leaderboard and utilized the CrossFit Open style of scoring (1 pt for first place, 2 pts for second, and so on). This means that at the close of the three events, the lowest score wins. Here is how things shook out when the dust settled:

Rx Men: 1st Place - Joelsen, 2nd Place (tie) - Owen and Tony (even tied after adding in the 5k run and the gymnastics AMRAP so it was meant to be!). Special shout out to Matt who did all 5 wods and was just off the podium.

Rx Women: 1st Place - Rachelle, 2nd Place - Rosie, 3rd Place - Bonnie. Great effort there ladies and some excellent scores throughout!

Scaled Men: 1st Place - Tom (lucked out and only attended on the three scoring days!), 2nd Place - Mike, 3rd Place - Don (Master's athlete showing us how it's done!)

Scaled Women: 1st Place - Christa, 2nd Place - Leah, 3rd Place - Allison. Nice work to you three!

So that's it gang, well done once again and you can expect another push week in about 8-12 weeks. You might want to take it a bit easier this week but you should also have gotten a great boost to your fitness from this past 6 days of workouts!



We have the Vic City Games rapidly approaching this coming Sunday September 10.

We will have Elite, Rx and Scaled divisions. If you normally do our Rx wods, sign up for that. If you are a comp prep style athlete then Elite is the one for you. If you did mostly Scaled wods in Push week, then sign up for scaled!

This will be a partners event and any combination (M+M, F+F, F+M) is great! So grab a buddy or connect through our Facebook event page to find a partner.

Registration is $40 and you can sign up HERE.



WARM UP: Barbell complex OTM ladder (bar only):

Minute 1: 1 power clean, 1 front squat, 1 shoulder to overhead

Minute 2: 2-2-2

Minute 3: 3-3-3

Up to the round of 5-5-5

SKILL: Deadlift 5 x 3 E2M

Work up each set but keep weights moderate (70-80% 1RM)


There is no score for this wod but focus on quality repetitions and maintaining a steady output through the rounds. You will work for 30 seconds and then rest for 30 seconds before moving on to the next exercise.

6 rounds through the full sequence (18 minutes)

Rx: Row (calories), Strict Pullups, SD Box jumps (20/24)

FG: Assisted pullups or jumping with slow negative, scale box height

TG: Scale movements as needed

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