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Outdoor Training with K44 Fit

Hey gang! As most of you know, CrossFit Vic City member Scott Harlow has started up a military style bootcamp called K44 Fit. His program unites some of the many challenges he faced in the epic SealFit Kokoro experience with a fun and supportive atmosphere.

People of any fitness ability can participate - much like our CrossFit classes, the workouts are scaled up or down to help you meet the right amount of challenge in each session.

K44 Fit and CrossFit Vic City have partnered up to offer a discounted rate to any of our members who want to get involved in this dynamic outdoor fitness program. Scott's classes are run in parks and beaches around Victoria, so not only do you get in a great workout, but you also get to see different areas of our amazing city.

Check out the class schedule and book a free class by clicking the picture below!





SKILL: Hang Power Snatch technique work

WOD: Assault

This is a team workout in which you will be working with 3 other people. Work as quickly as you can since you have good recovery going into the next round!

Rx: 5 rounds each person of: 8/16 calories bike, 8 hang power snatch (75/115), 8/16 pullups

FG: 65/95, jumping pullups

TG: bar scaled as needed

Comp: 95/135, 2/6 ring MU (unbroken!!)

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