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The Mixture

Hey all,

Last week's Friday-Saturday workout ("Mixture") challenged you in a lot of ways. Most people had one or two strengths in that wod but very few were able to assemble all of the components together to get that Rx score.

It is a great workout to identify where you need to focus your training. If the wallballs got you down at the end, chances are your aerobic system needs a bit more work. If it was the weight on the clean and overhead, then strength should be your focus. If the CTB were unmanageable, then adding more pullup volume before and after class would be a great idea.

I've summed this up in the notes below - if you can identify your main weak spot in the workout and then chip away at it, soon it won't be so weak! Give these ideas a shot and see where you end up in a couple of months' time.

Power Clean + OH - if your limitation was here, consider bumping the weight up in workouts for a while, or really pushing the weights in our skill portions of wods. Even if a workout takes you a bit longer with a heavier weight, you'll get stronger in the process (as long as your technique is dialed in!)

Pullups - if you have regular pullups but not CTB, add in ring rows (5 sets of 6-8) before or after training to get the added strength to get your chest to the bar. If you're working on unassisted pullups, try doing a jumping pullup and then lowering slowly back down to build strength in your arms and lats.

Wallballs - these are a combo of strength and aerobic however most people break down because of the latter. Pop on an assault bike for 10-15 min before or after class and do 30 sec hard, 1 min easy to build your energy systems. You can play around with these intervals, but the goal is simply to get a bit more aerobic training in. You can also supplement with cycling or running on your off days, which are both excellent for developing your aerobic ability.

Give those a shot, and see your fitness scores take off!




WARM-UP: 10 russian swings, 5 pushups, 15 russian swings, 10 pushups, 20 russian swings, 15 pushups

WOD: Tapatio

This workout has two parts - a strict press combined weight score and a double amrap score. You'll add all the weights you lift to the total reps in both of the amraps for your total!

Part 1: Strict Press 10-8-6-4-2 reps E2M

Add up your weight for each set to get the first part of your score. For example 10 x 50lb, 8 x 60lb, 6 x 70lb, 4 x 80lb, 2 x 90lb = 50+60+70+80+90 = 350

Part 2: Double Row AMRAP

These are two, 3 minute amraps. Rest 1 minute between amraps! Row counts for 10 reps (so 50m = 5 reps)

Rx: 100m row/0.2 assault bike and 20 double unders.

TG/FG: sub 20 singles

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