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Team Series - Pairs 2017

Hey Vic City,

The first week of the Team Series’ workouts are being released this Wednesday evening. For the first set of challenges, pairs will have until Monday evening to complete and submit their scores. Pairs will have until score submission is closed, on September 25th at 5pm to have their team registered.

This year the Team Series is utilizing a pairs format, meaning all you need is one buddy to get your team formed. In the past, teams comprised of four individuals, often times leading to scheduling conflicts. This new pairs format eliminates that complication. If you are looking at when to get to the gym for the WODs, the best time to get in with your partner would be during Open Gym time on Saturday from 12pm-2:00pm. However, there are some other potential times, but due to our regular classes still running, space will be limited. On Wednesday, I will volunteer to facilitate any willing teams from 7pm-8pm, and on Friday at 6pm-7pm. Message me, Adam, if you are looking at taking advance of other times.

Hopefully if you are interested in competing, you will be able to find a partner, and get signed up. Need more information? Check out the blog I post in early August with an info video as well as a direct quote from the CrossFit Games website.

@thedavecastro on Instagram leaked some details of Event 1 check it out.

See you on the leaderboard!


Team WODs - Hang out while your partner does the work


Training Wednesday - Thursday

WARM UP: 3 x 10 medball cleans, 10 double crunch

SKILL: 5 rounds, e90s of: 1 snatch deadlift, 1 hang power snatch, 1 overhead squat

Use LIGHT weight, work on fluidity of motion


This is a workout from 2010 in honor of fallen athlete Amanda Miller. Amanda was a competitor at the 2009 CrossFit Games but later fell victim to cancer.

It is a tough sequence to say the least, with two very complex skills to execute. Top athletes with all the necessary skill will be able to get under 5 minutes however most Rx scores are in the 6-10 minute range.

Really work hard to complete smooth squat snatches with a weight that is challenging for you and requires you to rest between reps.

*15 min time cap for classes with more than one heat*

CP (regular workout) : 9-7-5 of ring muscle ups and squat snatch @ 95/135

Rx: 18-14-10 ctb, 9-7-5 ring dips, 75/115

FG2: 18-14-10 pullups and jumping ring dips

FG1: 18-14-10 jumping pullups and pushups

TG: modify as needed

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