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Nutrition Coaching with France Legault

Hey Everyone!

Coach France here, I have a new exciting business venture I’d like to share with you. I’m starting up a business doing Nutrition Coaching! I’ve recently done my Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification for Nutrition Coaching and would like to put my new education to work!

So how does this work and what does a nutrition coach do?

Well, as your nutrition coach, my main goals are to educate you, offer support and hold you accountable for your decisions. Most people have a general idea of what is ‘healthy’ and what they ‘should’ be eating, but in reality the follow through of consistent healthy eating habits are much harder to do. I can help to educate you on the what, when and why’s of eating for your goals.

So much of nutrition is based on habit, (good and bad) as a coach I want to educate you and help guide you to make small positive changes one by one. These small changes are attainable and over time we start to see your goals come together. A nutrition coach does more than just tell you what to eat, just like a crossfit coach does a lot more than just read the workout board. I want to help get over barriers you face in daily life that keep you from attaining your goals.

We will begin with an assessment that will detail a lifestyle and nutrition questionnaire, once we understand where you are at we can begin to decided where we want to go. I strongly believe in an individualized approach when it comes to proper nutrition being successful. Everyone has different demands, a different lifestyle and different goals and it should be reflected in their diet.

The nutrition program will be tailored to your needs. This could mean small changes focusing on general food choices, it could progress to more specific daily macronutrient counts, or even focus on nutrient timing and elevating sport performance through means of nutrition and recovery. Nutrition programs are designed on a progressive basis, meaning we start simple and once we achieve compliance, we move towards more detailed strategies.

Monthly subscriptions will include weekly nutrition assignments and check ins. Throughout this process I will help educate you to make more informed decisions regarding food and hold you accountable to your actions.

We all know that physical activity and training play a large role in our health, but so does nutrition and healthy eating habits. Let me help you find your way through the endless ‘diet’ fads, to find an attainable and sustainable solution that yields the results you are looking for!

For more information check out my website at or email me at or just ask me in person!

Coach France



WARM-UP: 6 min EMOM - 10 air squats, 5 kb strict press/arm

SKILL: Front Squat Heavy Triple - 12 minutes

Start with an empty bar, build up to a very technically solid triple.


*Leaderboard Workout*

Invictus 1 is a fitness tester wod first posted by CrossFit Invictus. I thought it looked like a great combination of movements to really see how people's aerobic fitness is evolving. If you have your double unders (even just a few of them), this is a great opportunity to get an Rx score in a leaderboard wod. 15 min time cap!

Rx: 500m row, 25 burpees over rower, 100 du, 25 burpees over rower, 500m row

FG: 200 singles sub for the du

TG: 300m, regular burpees, 100 singles

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