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Great work last week on the Invictus 1 wod. I'll be posting the overall leaderboard pic early tomorrow morning so you can see where you stand, but it is awesome to see so many PR's on that benchmark wod.

The words of the Invictus poem aren't just applicable to that particular workout, but to any challenge you may face in your life. Give it a read and see if it rings true to you.

- Cam



WARM-UP: EMOM x 6: 4 goblet squats, 6 swings, 24 jumping jacks

WOD Challenge: DUPLO

The following workouts allow you to gain points in both pounds lifted and reps completed to form your overall score for the day. Work hard but work smart, focus on proper execution of all skills!

WOD 1 (Score #1): 12 minutes to a heavy single thruster (bar taken from the floor)

- Warm up with bar only

- As many attempts as you like

- May squat clean into your thruster

- Sub KB's if your wrists are sore

WOD #2 (Score #2): 6 min AMRAP

Total reps is your score!

Rx: 3 front squats (75/115), 3 ctb pullups, then 6 + 6, then 9 + 9

FG2: 75/115, regular pullups

FG1: 55/85, jumping pullups

TG: Scale as needed

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