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Gunner Shaw Training Group!

Hey all!

The Gunner Shaw Classic is an iconic 10k cross country run around Thetis lake, typically at the end of November or early December. It isn't your "normal" 10k however as it incorporates lots of elevation change, singletrack trails, and some ponds of varying depth along the way!

I'm no road runner specialist but the Gunner Shaw really is a different event entirely. Times range from the superhuman mid 30's up to about and hour and a half, which shows that runners of all types take on this challenge.

Over the past years, I've done the run alongside other Vic City members past and present, including: Bonnie W, Bonnie A, Tara Young, Scott H, Kathleen T, Matt S, David O, Cindy M and the ever-present and ever-speedy Tony Z. The weather has varied from "spring like" to snowy hills like in the photo above. Any way you cook it, it is an "experience" :)

It would be great to have a strong Vic City crew out this year, so I'll be creating a Facebook group and looking to do some group training sessions in the lead up to the race. The race date this year is Saturday November 25th at 1pm, so we've got almost two months to get ready!

So get excited gang and let's apply our fitness outside the box!!





SKILL WOD: E90s - 1 power clean, 1 front squat, 1 jerk @ 80% 1RM x 15 rounds

This is a great "skill building" wod. We have done a lot of race style workouts recently so it is time to spend a moment solidifying our skills. Work with a weight you can handle but that forces you to utilize ideal technique!!

Conditioning WOD: 1200-1600m easy jog or equivalent row

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