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Balance VS. Imbalance

Hey Vic City,

Squats are a huge component of CrossFit. Back Squats, front squats, and overhead squats can be found in many class WODs, not to mention squats in the form of wallballs, taters, or squat cleans and snatches.

Did you know that the relationship that exists between your squats can give you an indications of imbalances between muscle groups or joint mobility?

Beyond the whiteboard, a CrossFit database, has thousands of users and a plethora of data to compare these lifts. Below are the charts that they composed. Take a look specifically at the average ratio by gender and compare those to your lifts.

If you are off these ratios, that's okay. However, it could indicate a few different things. Having a front squat that is greater than 83% of you back squat, could mean that your posterior chain might need some strengthening. One could also assume if you back squat is relatively low compared to your front squat, your deadlift has room for improvement, so work on those glutes and hamstrings. On the other hand, if your OHS is less than 56% of your back squat, shoulder mobility could be a large hinderance and a top reason for the discrepancy, therefore some extra mobility might be your prescription.

Check out the full article here, and get to work on driving all those squat numbers up!

Here is a video of Rich Froning from 2011, hitting a heavy single in OHS, front squat, and back squat.




Training Wednesday - Thursday

WARM-UP: 3 rounds - 10 pushups, 10 squats, 10 double crunch

SKILL: Practice skills for the WOD


Score #1

This is a different style of WOD in that we will be going for the heaviest possible weight with great technique. Keep your movement smooth and make smart jumps as you go through the rounds.

Rx: 6 sets, on a 3 minute timer for max weight of: 6 deadlifts, 5 hang power cleans, 4 front squats.

- No resting on the ground or breaking up the sequence once you start

TG: modify movements as needed

Cash-Out: Score #2

8 minute AMRAP of: 20 double unders, 16 lunges (no weight), 8 pushups

FG: modified pushups, 5 du + 15 singles per round

TG: single skips

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