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November PUSH week and Games!

Hey all, I know that October isn't even two weeks old yet but I want to let you know well in advance about some exciting events in November.

First off, we have the return of PUSH week! You guys did so well (and enjoyed) last PUSH week and many were anxious to know when the next one was coming up. The week of November 5-11 we will be running a different WOD each and every day. Any membership of twice a week or more entitles you to attend all of the WODs that week. It will be a cracker for sure, and expect a HERO wod to cap off the week on Remembrance Day.

Next, we have the latest installment of the Vic City Games! This will be an individual competition and an excellent way to test your skills in a fun and competitive environment. We'll have Scaled, Rx, and Elite divisions all throwing down on Sunday, November 19th. Registration will be up soon, so mark the date down on your calendar!

One week after the Games is the Gunner Shaw Cross Country classic 10k race. We've got a Facebook Event page running for this, complete with doing some training meet ups starting this coming weekend!

So that's it gang, get your calendars sorted and be ready for an awesome November at Vic City.



Training Friday - Saturday

Warm-up: Rotating EMOM x 4

Ring Rows x 10

Med Ball Clean x 8

Inchworm x 6

WOD: Interval Jackie 2.0

This is a team wod with groups of 3. One person runs through the full sequence while the other two rest. Your team's total time to complete the wod is your score!

Rx: 5 intervals each person of: 200m row, 15 thrusters (35/45), 10 pullups

FG: Assisted or Jumping pullups

TG: Scaled as needed

Comp 1: 65/95 thrusters, ctb

Comp 2: 75/115 thrusters, 4/8 bar MU

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