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Another amazing story

Hey all,

Sometimes in CrossFit we get overly concerned with wod scores and weight lifted and tend to forget the other types of changes that go on in our bodies and minds.

I have always supported the idea that CrossFit is as much about changing your health and mindset as it is about performance outcomes. We've seen it time and again at Vic City - members coming in, integrating with our community, and reaping the benefits of greater self confidence and baseline health measures. It's a repeatable experiment and works across ages, genders, and levels of experience with exercise.

The video below tells the story of one such individual who overcame a LOT of physical and mental hurdles through training in CrossFit. It's a great watch and you can just see the power of Laurie's change within herself.

Take a peek and realize that we're all in this together. Any additional words of encouragement to new members at our gym or to our existing members might help them to surpass their own hurdles in life and health.

See you in the gym,




WARM-UP: Dowel Game using colors/numbers as designators for movement direction (i.e. odd numbers = move right, even numbers = move left)


The color GREEN indicates that this wod is primarily meant for skill development / practice as opposed to pushing super high intensity

There is no score for this workout but it is a great opportunity to work on several skills under a bit of fatigue. If you are looking for a hard effort workout, choose scaling options that allow you to work consistently hard in each interval. If you want to up your skill practice with harder movements, take a slower pace to ensure that your movement quality remains high.

All groups - Rotate EMOM through 5 stations, with 30 sec work, 30 sec rest/switching time, for 7 total rounds (35 min)

1. Box Jumps

2. TTB/KTE/Double crunch

3. Assault Bike calories

4. HSPU (kip)/ HS Hold / DB or KB push press

5. Rest

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