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Beyond the Whiteboard!

Hey all,

So we know that many of you are tracking your workouts, either through a log book or through an online app, but not everyone is tracking the same way. We know also that many of you are NOT tracking your workouts, so aren't able to see the amazing progress that you are making in many areas of fitness.

We needed a solution to integrate all of our wod tracking under one roof, and that solution is called Beyond the Whiteboard. This amazing platform will host all of our Vic City wods and provide a great array of benefits to your pursuit of fitness.

Take a look at the video below, which discusses this app in more detail. We are super excited about the potential this has for our membership.

- Coach Cam


Training Friday - Saturday

Warm-up: Partner shuttle runs alternated with Plank T - rotations (1-2-3-4 laps each person)

Skill: Review movements and strategies for the workout

WOD: ?????

Create a FREE profile on or download the app to see what the workout is!

Cash-out: 50, 150, or 300 double unders for time

Every minute and to start - 5 burpees

TG: Scale to double the number of singles

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