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Trick or Treat

Hey Vic City,

Halloween is upcoming, and that means that trick or treaters will be at your doorstep by the masses. I've been out of the candy hauling game for awhile now, but I'm sure that things haven't changed too drastically. I recall dressing up, and going door to door for close to 2 hours, sometimes even doing a bag dump at my house to lighten the load. Over the 50 houses that I went to, I must have accumulated 200 or more pieces of candy. Even the 'snack size' goodies still have a sizeable caloric and sugar profile. The average of some of the most popular bars would be around 70 calories and 10 grams of sugar. Again, I was given 200 pieces of these sweet treats. That is 14,000 calories and 2,000 grams of sugar. I had friends that gathered greater quantities than myself, so I know I'm not alone.

You might be thinking to yourself, "I don't have kids, so this doesn't apply to me." Well, have you ever gone to the store on November 1st? Halloween candy is 50% off! What a deal that is, but do you really need it?

The CrossFit 'diet' encourages to eat meats and vegetables, nuts and seed, some fruit, little starch, and NO sugar. Obviously, the vast majority of us eat sugar, but we don't need to be putting excessive amounts, just because "it's Halloween" or "they were on sale"

Be aware of the volume of candy you or your children are consuming. Just know that even the little bars add up. If you are big on letting your kids eat all the candy they collect, maybe try limiting them to how many house they visit, or put a strict time limit on their trick or treat hours. At least, if these are too challenging, avoid other desserts throughout the week if Halloween candy is being sent as school/work snacks or afternoon 'pick me ups'

Stay safe and enjoy!


Wanna be Lucas Parker for Halloween?


Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: 8 rounds OTM: 2 burpees, 6 plate floor to overhead (your choice of weight)

Olympic Lifting: 3 Hang Power Snatch, 1 OHS @ easy weight x 6 sets E90s

Strength: Back Squat 5 x 3 E2M (score 1)

Work up to a heavy but smooth 3 reps

Fitness: Tabata Row (score 2)

1 set of 8 intervals for metres (lowest metres in any one interval is your score)

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