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PUSH Week Reminder - Nov 5th

Hey all,

First off, my sincere apologies for anyone who did not receive the class cancellation information for Saturday Oct 28th. We were unsure of coverage for that day until the last minute and will look to have earlier notice of any cancellations in the future. Please "Like" our Facebook page for up to date information about events at the gym!

Second, get ready for our second PUSH week coming up the week of November 5 - 11. During PUSH week if you have any two or three day membership, you may attend as many classes as you like as we will have a different WOD every day! If you have a punch card, you may use your punches towards attending as many workouts as possible during the week.

PUSH week is a great way to get in some extra fitness as we'll have a wide variety of workout challenges for you to take on. We'll also look to crown our PUSH week Kings and Queens in both the Rx and Scaled workouts through the week.

Treat your body extra well this coming week (starting tomorrow) and rest up as needed to make the most of PUSH week. The coaching crew is looking forward to seeing many more PR's and great performances!



Training Monday - Tuesday

Warm-up: Rotating EMOM x 4: 15-20 seconds work, 40-45 sec rest

Hollow Hold (or tuck hollow hold)

Arch Hold (or upper body only arch hold)

Inchworms x 6

Skill: Handstand Pushup Progression - 5 intervals of 20 sec work, 1:40 rest

Level 1: Plank or wall walk hold

Level 2: High Wall Walk reps

Level 3: Scaled ROM hspu

Level 4: Full to deficit hspu

WOD: "Karen"

Simple, elegant, deadly. A great BTWB leaderboard workout that has almost 63,000 logged scores (check out the range of times and description HERE)

Rx: 150 wallballs for time

FG: 75 @ Rx or scale Wallball weight

TG: Scale as needed

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