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Lost and Found

Hey Vic City,

Over the past many months, we have accumulated a large assortment of clothing items. Many of them are long sleeved tops, and look in good condition. If you believe you have forgotten anything in your trips to the gym, please grab it the next time you are in.

With the cold weather starting to come, as we move into November, these warm garments would certainly be greatly appreciated by someone that is less fortunate.

ALL UNCLAIMED ITEMS, BY NOVEMBER 7TH, AT 8:30PM WILL BE DONATED. That gives you a week to grab what is left here, and remember, most of these have been around for months.

Items IN the cubbies and bins will remain where they are. Only the stack of clothes on top of the cubby unit, beside the couches are in the "lost and found."

Also, don't forgot to check the November event calendar to stay up to date with gym and community events. Items to note: "Push Week" and Vic City Games.




Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: 3 rounds - 10 kettlebell swings, 5 pushups, 30 single skips

WOD: The Spotter

This is a partner workout in which you will use ONE bar for both bench press and deadlifts. Every time you switch between exercises, you and your partner will change weights as needed. Choose "one plate" jumps to make things run smoothly!

Switch as needed, no need to share reps exactly between partners

Rx: 42 - 30 - 18 of Bench Press @ 85/135 and Deadlifts @ 155/225

FG: 65/95 and 115/165

TG: Scale as needed

CP: 105/155 and 195/245

Cash-Out: 1 min work, 1 min rest Assault bike with your partner x 5-6 intervals each (not timed)

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