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CrossFit at any age

Hey gang, pretty cool video about two "older" crossfitters pushing their limits and staying in peak shape. Old or young, doesn't matter, the key is to start moving, and move consistently.



Training Friday - Saturday

Warm-up: E2M for 4 rounds: 5 Hang DB Snatch per arm, 6 medball cleans, 7 broad jumps

Skill: 5 x 3 Tempo Back Squat @ 65-70%

Keep these LIGHT. 3 seconds down, 1 second pause, fast up


Brand new wod here. Consistent pace is the best pace!

Rx: 12 min AMRAP of an ascending rep ladder: 1 ctb pullup, 1 burpee box jump (20/24), then 2 ctb + 2 burpee box jumps, then 3+3 and so on

FG2: Regular pullups

FG1: Banded strict pullups, burpee step ups

CP: Ring MU, 24/30

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