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Push Week - WOD 3

Hey Vic City,

The push continues, and shifts once again from lifting, to gymnastics, to now aerobic power. Wednesday we are testing the 2k row.

For most people this workout lasts from 6:30 to 9:00 minutes, and is a consistent effort. Unlike most other workouts, there is no 'break' movement and no time to catch your breath during transitions. Once you start, settle in and give it your best effort all the way through.

Since this is a workout that not many of us have done, it's hard to know what pace to try and hold for duration of the workout. A good start without having a score to beat, is looking at your 1k row time. DO NOT expect that your 2k time is just double your 1k time, because there is a considerable amount fatigue that is accumulated from 1k to 2k. However, looking at the stats from Beyond the Whiteboard, we can draw some comparisons through the two different distances.

Men - If you are a top level rower, and aim to place in the top 5% your score needs to be 6:52. Other scores would be top 10% 7:00, top 25% 7:18, 50% 7:41, top 75% 8:12

Not sure where you might sit, but you know your 1k time, top 5% is 3:12, 10% 3:17, 25% 3:25, 50% 3:36, 75% 3:53

Women - 2k - top 5% 7:53, 10% 8:04, 25% 8:29, 50% 9:00, 75% 9:51

1k row - top 5% 3:45, 10% 3:51, 25% 4:03, 50% 4:20, 75% 4:49

Therefore, if you have rowed a 3:12 1k, aim for a 6:52 2k, meaning you need to hold a 1:43. If you have a 1k time of 3:36 you'd likely be better paced for a 7:41 2k, if you go out too hot, holding a pace that is far beyond your fitness level, it won't lead to a score that is accurate of your abilities.

How I would do this or plan for this, is follow the above pace, and in the last 250-300m empty the tank, if the BTWB pace that I previous stated is too easy, that will give you a chance to make up some time. On the flip side, if it's a bit too fast or just right, try to hang on until the very end.

Final tip - Pull all the way through until the screen reads your final time, NOT 20 metres left, not 13 metres left, not even 5 metres left and wait for it to rollover, you've already pulled 200+ time, why not just pull one more. After you have completed the 2k, the screen will have your final time (eg. 8:00.7) that way you won't have any regrets with your effort, thinking "what if I pulled one more hard stroke, I could have gone sub 8."

Good luck, and see you in class!



Training Wednesday

WARM UP: Partner shuttles with T plank rotations

1-2-3-4 runs each person

WOD: 2K Row

Go in with a strategy, push hard, and don't give up!! If you're waiting for your head, get behind somebody and encourage them, especially through the 3rd 500m section and into the finish. Good luck gang!

CASH-OUT: 5 sets of 6-12 pullups (your choice of scaling), E2M

All groups: 2k Row for time

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