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Don't go it alone

Hey gang, 3 down 3 to go in PUSH week #2! By now, you might be feeling the effects of the accumulated work you've done this week. Definitely already this has been an amazing week, and now is the time to keep staying committed to seeing it through to the end!

Today's workout is all about teamwork. Share the time with your partner and maximize each other's abilities. See if you can pair up with someone you are closely matched with, and enjoy the process!



Training Thursday

Warm-up: OTM for 4 rounds: 10 plate floor to overhead, 10 squats with plate

Skill: Back Squat 2 x 5, 2 x 3 E2M

Two moderate weight warm up sets, then two tough sets of 3 reps (but not max!)

WOD: Double Shift

This is a partner workout, in which you accumulate as many reps as possible in the allotted time. Switch as often as you want but only one person working at a time!

The bar weight is scaled lighter so you can move FAST!

Rx: 6 intervals of: 1 min max thrusters (55/75), 1 min max barhop burpees, 1 min rest

FG: Scale bar weight as needed

CP: bar weight 75/115

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