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November Push Week Kings & Queens

Hey Vic City,

I know there are some anxious people awaiting to hear the results of our November Push Week. Like our August edition of Push Week, we had 6 different WODs throughout the week, but only three of those six counted for the crown total. The workouts that were chosen were not random, as they each consist of different elements that comprise a well-rounded fitness.

Those three WODs were: Monday's Push/Pull Powerlifting Total, Tuesday's Gyronimo Gymnastics AMRAP, and Saturday's Hero WOD - T.U.P, for time WOD.

These different challenges covered maximal strength, gymnastics abilities and endurance, as well as more classic CrossFit, a mix of sub maximal barbells and body weight movements. We also tested different energy systems, with a 1-5 second maximal lifts, an 8 minute AMRAP, and the Hero WOD which lasted around 13-20 minutes for the majority.

I would like to congratulate everyone that made the extra effort throughout the week to "push" themselves beyond their comfort zone and attend more classes than they usually do. I understand that not everyone's schedule allows them to attend all six different WODs, but awesome work for showing commitment.

Due to the variability of the attendance, the overall scoreboard reflected the athletes that attended the aforementioned WODs and completed them in the same scaling option. This was mentioned in a previous blog post, that to be eligible, you had to be consistent with your scaling.

Here are the results:

The "Queens" -

CP winner: France, with Sara & Tia tying for 2nd

RX winner: Bonnie, with Lauren Wong 2nd, and Sammy & Rachelle tying for 3rd

Scaled winner: Christa (repeat champ), with Leah in 2nd, and Victoria in 3rd.

Congrats to all the ladies!

The "Kings" -

CP winner: Coach Phil, with Cohen in 2nd, and Tanner in 3rd

Rx winner: Kiel, with Kyle in 2nd, and Coach Graham in 3rd

Scaled winner: Kevin, with Chris Reid, and Oscar in 3rd place.

As mentioned in a prior blog, all of our Kings and Queens get a prize!! It will be their choice of JaktRx BCAAs or Promega Fish Oil. See Cam in the gym to pick up your prizes.

Awesome work to all! If you haven't already, you can get your scores up on Beyond the Whiteboard to see where you stack up in the other WODs too!




WARM-UP: "Roxanne" with KB Taters!

SKILL: Handstand Pushup Progression

*DEMO of kip technique*

5 sets of 20-30 seconds work, 1:30 to 1:40 rest

Level 1: Wall walk plank hold

Level 2: Wall walk reps

Level 3: Kick up HS hold

Level 4: Scaled or Full ROM hspu

WOD: "Felix"

This is a partner rowing wod, and a great way to get the blood flowing after a tough week of training. Try to hit the same pace on your 750 as you do on your 1000 then pick it up for the 500 and 250!

Rx: Each person rows 1000, 750, 500, 250m

Bonus Fitness - 15 pushups after each row

FG: 800, 600, 400, 200

Cash-out: 20, 40, or 60 pushups

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