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Vic City Games & Supplement Sale

Thinking of sunnier days - CrossFit Games 2014

Hey all, the saying 'no rest for the wicked' definitely applies this month as we roll right from PUSH week into the week of the Vic City Games!

This coming Sunday, we will host another edition of the Games, and it will be based on individual competition. We've done partners and teams many times in the past and this time, it's all about you relying on yourself to put forth your best performance.

The Games are not only fun but are a great way to continue to push through barriers in fitness. Many people end up setting PRs or simply do much more than they ever thought was possible!

You can sign up for the Games in one of our 3 categories: FG, Rx, or CP. Expect the scaling options to be the same as we had through the PUSH week. The cost is $20 and you can sign up by clicking HERE.

*Registration will close Friday night at 9pm, so get in before the deadline!*

The day will run from about 830am to 5pm and you can expect to have 3-4 events to participate in! We'll also take turns judging each other which will give you good experience on that end.


Also, to take your mind off the shorter days and gloomy weather, we are doing a full month supplement sale* on all of our supplements!

Our NOVEMBER RAIN sale covers everything except for FitAid and tape, with discounts of $7-10 across the board. Look for posters in the gym detailing the savings and stock up for yourself or grab an early Christmas gift for the special CrossFitter in your life!

*While supplies last*!!



WARM UP: AMRAP 6 Min of - 12 light kb swings, 6 double crunch, 10 lunges

Specific Warm up: Bar complex - 4 rounds E2M

1 power clean, 1 front squat, 1 full clean

Work up in weight as you go towards your goal wod weight

WOD: Squat Clean Amanda

Hey all, this is a take on a classic CF Games workout, Amanda. We're switching it up a bit, but it should be just as fun as the original!

Rx: 9-7-5 reps of Squat Clean (95/135) and 18-14-10 of ctb pullups

FG2: regular pullups

FG1: bar weight 65/95, assisted or regular pullups

TG: Scale as needed

CP: bar weight 115/165, ring MU

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