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Vic City Games XV

Rx men getting after "Invictus Revisited"

Hey all!

Well it was a great turnout and incredible effort all round - definitely a VC Games to remember! We had 27 competitors in 5 divisions and a spectrum of challenges from short gymnastics to heavy barbell complexes to an aerobic burner to finish off.

By all accounts, the last wod (0.7 miles assault bike, 15 burpee over box jumps, 100 double unders, 15 burpee over box jumps, 0.7 miles assault bike) was the most fearsome but all events were challenging in their own way.

From a spectator's standpoint, the barbell complex (6 deadlifts, 4 hang squat snatch, 2 shoulder to overhead - for max weight) was definitely thrilling as there were several near misses and last ditch/last second successes.

Thank you to everyone who competed, cheered, judged, or otherwise supported our 15th running of the Games, it was a great day!

When the dust settled, here were the podium finishes:

FG Men: Dan 1st, Don 2nd

Rx Women: Bonnie 1st, Kehly 2nd, Megs 3rd

Rx Men: Matt C 1st, Scott H 2nd, Owen 3rd

CP Women: Sara 1st, Kelley 2nd, Audrey 3rd

*France was also tied on points with Kelley and Audrey and we went to individual event placings to settle the tie break

CP Men: Adam 1st, Zeke 2nd, Kyle 3rd

Great work all!!



Training Monday - Tuesday

Warm-up: 2 rounds (7 min cap) 4 inchworms, 6 leg swings per leg, 8 Samson Lunges, 10 pushups, 12 Russian kb swings

Skill WOD: Power Clean and Push Jerk

5 reps E90s, increasing weight over 5 sets

Work on fast transition to overhead and touch and go off floor

Conditioning: Assault bike teams of 3

20 seconds work each x 16 min for max team calories

Try to aim for consistent effort each 20 second piece.

Post - Wod: Partner Hamstring stretches + WOD review

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