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Pierre's Transformation

Hey all, we know that exercising is good for you. It increases bone density, decreases risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and improves your sense of self confidence and daily energy.

If done right and paired with sound nutrition, exercise can also result in pretty profound changes in body composition.

Pierre LeBlanc started with us at Vic City about a year ago. Like most of you, he went through the Onramp and started attending regular classes... and did so consistently throughout the year.

His lifts have gone up a huge amount, as has his endurance and overall work capacity. As a very nice side effect, he has also undergone a very impressive transformation in his physique.

In his own words:

"I never intended on sharing this pic but if it helps one person to hang on for the long term and commit to becoming lean and fit as a goal then I’ll be ok with it, lol.

This before and after photo represents one whole year of regular CrossFit classes, with just the right amount of encouragement and push from VicCity coaches and fellow CrossFitters.

Before I started I knew I had to do something about my fitness level, or lack thereof. 16 years of office work with little physical activity is a dangerous recipe for the unimaginable. That was it. I was determined and I’m happy with the results so far. I still have lots of work to do but I’m in it for the long term."

Great job Pierre, and we are fortunate to have you as part of our community!

If anyone else wants to share their story of success with CrossFit, zip Cam an email. Like Pierre mentions, him putting his pictures up might be the catalyst that someone needs to start their own fitness journey.

If you're about to start your journey and want more guidance, contact coach Cam or coach France to get some details on nutrition changes and body composition assessments to see where you stand!

Onwards and upwards!




WARM-UP: Obstacle course (coaches choice)

WOD: Troupe

This is a team workout, in which groups of 3 will split the reps at the first two stations as needed. The third station requires each person to complete one full lap before the next person goes!

Rx: 180 wallballs, 120/180 calories rowing, 2 laps (4 lengths) each person of OH walking lunge (35/45lb plate)

FG: Scale wallball weight, consider 120 reps for both wallballs and rowing cals, walking lunge with 25/35lb

TG: Scale movements and reps as needed

CP: Heavy wallball

CASH-OUT: 30, 60, or 90 double crunch, hanging knee raise, or ttb

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