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Christmas Combo

Hey all, in the past we've done our Christmas as a Sunday afternoon/evening affair and it has been a blast. It's always tough though for people to make it with the various other events and commitments that you have through the holiday season.

So this year, we'll be running a Christmas-inspired WOD plus potluck as part of our Saturday December 16th classes! This special event is free for all members and will kick off with a challenging team workout at 10am followed by a potluck at 11am to noon.

All family members are welcome to the potluck, and if you're coming along, bring some small dish (healthy or otherwise!) for the group to share.

I've created a Facebook event to correspond with this fun community day, so connect with that page for updates and details as to what people are bringing to share... and guesses on what the wod might be!

Come on out and share in both fitness and food with your Vic City friends. Hope to see you there,




WARM UP: 7 min AMRAP: ascending reps - 1 shuttle run, 1 goblet squat, 1 kbs then 2 of each, 3 of each, and so on up to 6 minutes... at warm up pace!!

WOD: Eden's Revenge

This workout is inspired by a wod that Eden (Vic City member) had to do last week. Eden works shifts so sometimes has to do the same wod two days in a row... and instead of having her repeat the workout, we give her different options to take on. This wod is similar to the one she did last week, but might be just a little bit tougher!

*Scale the weights as needed as there will be an 8 min time cap*

Rx: 21-15-9 of Assault bike calories and 15-12-9 of power cleans @ 95/135

Women will do 15-12-9 of both Assault bike and power cleans

FG2: 75/115

FG1: 55/75

TG: Scale as needed

CASH OUT: 3-5 sets of 10-20 pullups UNBROKEN. Rest as needed, options are banded pullups, regular pullups, or CTB

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