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BTWB - Analyze!

Hey all, we've been using Beyond the Whiteboard for about a month now and it's great to see you guys log your results and prs! There are a lot of really neat tools on the BTWB website and app to explore also that will give you more insight into how your fitness is progressing.

The idea of course is that over time, elements of your fitness will improve, and result in a higher fitness number as calculated through the website. But the question is - where are you weak vs strong? If you're able to bring up your weaker areas while continuing to work on your strong areas, then not only will you be crushing wods, you'll also move up in the BTWB fitness rankings.

One way to check up on this is to use the "Analyze" button. Click on there and you'll get a few options, one of which is "Fitness Level". If you click on there, you will land on a page that breaks down your Fitness Level progress over time, as well as your rankings in various fitness components.

It's pretty neat to see it all broken down and this can really help you decide on how to scale workouts (up or down) to pursue your weaker areas. For example, if you're not strong in "bodyweight" ranking, then spend some extra time working on pushups, pullups and squats before or after a workout to help fill the gap.

Take a peek at this cool feature and let us know what you think of it! If you've never heard of BTWB then talk to your coach or email Coach Cam to get set up!



WARM-UP: Down-up shuttles OTM

Start on your belly, pop up and run 1 LENGTH. Rest the remainder of the minute. Second minute, start on your belly, run 1 Length, back on your belly, run a second length, rest the remainder of the minute. Repeat and add lengths for 6 minutes.

Scaling - go 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3


This workout appeared a couple of months ago and is a unique combo of strength and fitness. You'll get two scores - one for your max and one for your reps. Good luck, and you can log your "Thruster: 1 Rep max" to bump up your score on BTWB!

Rx: 12 minutes to a 1rm Thruster from the floor

Rest 6 min then,

6 min amrap of ascending reps: 3 front squat (75/115), 3 ctb pullups, 6 front squat, 6 ctb, and so on...

FG: 65/95, regular pullups

FG1: 55/75, jumping pullups

TG: Scale bar weight as needed, ring rows

Cash-out (if time allows): 5 rounds of 30 sec max pushups, 1 min rest

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