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REDWOD - Invictus Comp WOD

Robbie's love of rowing will come in handy at the end of this Redwod...

Hey all, most of our workouts are based around the idea that we are training and developing skills while pushing to close to our limits. This allows for continual fitness gains, improvements in technique, and also a small amount less stress than going 100% competition mode on all wods.

Every once in a while though, it is useful to push the envelope a bit, and this workout is the chance to do just that. I have adapted this workout from one that CrossFit Invictus (San Diego) recently posted, and it's a definite fitness test.

We designate these really top end workouts as "Redwods" to help you ramp up for specific challenges during the year.

This is a great opportunity to see how your "engine" is doing through a variety of tough but sustainable movements. Go in with a plan based off of our recent work on the Assault bike and pullups, and see how hard you can push that second half of the wod!

Good luck and have fun!!




WARM-UP: 5 rounds, on a 90 sec timer of:

6 deadlifts, 6 front squats, 3 shoulder to overhead

First two rounds - bar only, second two rounds - light weight

WOD: Invictus Comp WOD

One time through, sustained pace!

Rx: 20/30 cal assault bike, 20 ctb pullups, 40 wallball (14/20), 20 ctb pullups, 20/30 cal row

FG2: regular pullups

FG1: Scale wallball, assisted pullups

CP: Wallball 20/30lb

CASH-OUT: 5 sets of 12 reverse lunges (6/leg)

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