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Hey gang! I have EXCITING NEWS! We are going to offer up an UNLIMITED membership to any member with 3 or more months training with us.

I even have an amazing video to follow with this announcement but I had some technical difficulties - namely, my voice has ceased to work!

Not to fret, I am uploading a riveting and dynamic presentation for you all to watch and get the nitty gritty details!

Stay tuned for that video (to be posted late tonight or Friday am), but in the meantime... get more fit!




WARM - UP: e90s for 4 sets - 8 medball cleans, 10 american kbs, 30 jumping jacks

Specific warm-up* (each heat, to finish about 3 min ahead of heat start time): 2-3 x 150m row (or bike) @ slightly faster than wod pace, 7 air squats, 5 pullups

*If time and space allow


It's been lurking for a while in the shadows, waiting for the right time. I had originally planned on programming Jackie in late Sept / early Oct but the same wod came up in the CrossFit Team Series.

So now it is here - a classic test of fitness and pacing. We've done the rowing, we've done the leg and shoulder endurance, and we've done the pullups.

Now it is time to crush the wod!

As always, you can look up the wod Jackie on BTWB to see the normative data and set a target to hit.

Good luck and have fun!

Rx: 1000m row, 50 thrusters (45), 30 pullups

FG2: Assisted pullups (band)

FG1: 750, 35, 20, scaled as needed

TG: 500m, 25 thrusters scaled as needed, 15 ring rows

CP: CTB pullups

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