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Give the gift of fitness!

gift cards available next week!

Hey all,

Are you stuck wondering what to get your favorite crossfitter this year? Perhaps you want to encourage them in their pursuit of fitness without buying them the same old hand grips or Rogue sweatshirt?

Well look no further, as we now have pre-loadable gift cards for the special individual in your life! You can pop any amount over $10 onto our cards to be used through the Square system for any supplement, onramp registration, personal training, apparel, or equipment in our gym!

It's a great gift since your chosen person can get exactly what they need to keep crushing their fitness into the new year!

See our coaches about picking one of these up early next week :)


Also, here's a teaser about the upcoming Christmas WOD and potluck - January 16 at 10am to 12 noon - it will be a variation of the infamous "12 days of christmas workout". There are many of these floating around, some more diabolical than others! Check out the video below!

On Saturday you will have the choice of doing the wod solo or joining up with a partner and segmenting the reps and exercises as needed. Be sure to RSVP HERE and get ready for a cracking workout and fun hang out with great people. Also, you can attend Friday and Saturday, no worries!

Hope to see you there,




WARM-UP: E90s x 4 - 6 burpees, 6 pullups, 12 air squats

WOD: Rebel Alliance

*This is an edit to the previously posted wod! Coach Graham has notified me (repeatedly) that the new Star Wars movie comes out Friday. I agreed to make a Star Wars themed wod, so I'm staying true to my promise! The numbers have a certain significance, can you figure out what it is?*

This AMRAP is a mix of skill and strength. Work with your partner, switching when needed to get the work done quickly!

Rx: 17 min AMRAP with a partner of: 30 deadlifts (155/225), 12 HSPU, '77 double unders, 15 barhop burpees

FG2: Scale hspu as needed, 125/185, 10 doubles 90 singles

FG1: 24 strict press with kb sub for hspu, bar weight scaled as needed, 200 single skips, reg burpees

TG: Scale as needed

CP: Bar weight 175/255, strict hspu

CASH-OUT: Accumulate 3, 5, or 7 minutes in front plank position! Come down before your form breaks

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