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Christmas and New Year Schedule

Christmas schedule at CrossFit Vic City

Hey all!

With the Christmas and New Years holidays fast approaching, we want to make sure you get the opportunity to get your fitness in and keep your sanity! Below is the schedule from now until January 2018:

Christmas Day: Gym is closed

Boxing Day: 9am and 530pm classes ONLY

Regular schedule 27-30th

New Years Day: Gym is closed

Regular schedule January 2 onwards!

Note that our NEW Strength WODs and Conditioning WODs will start up the first week of Jan. Our introductory UNLIMITED membership price of $149 will not stick around, so make sure you sign up now to get the intro price and to enjoy our new unique programming!!

See you in the gym,




WARM-UP: "Bring Sally Up" Squat and Pushup edition

*Ideally hold off of the ground at the bottom of the pushup*

1st sequence - Pushup

2nd sequence - Squat

3rd sequence - Pushup

4th sequence - Squat

SKILL: Back Squat 3 x 10 E2:30

warm up and build each set, Easy-Moderate-Tough


This is a brand new wod with a classic crossfit style to it. Everyone loves to hate the Assault bikes but they definitely give you an incredible fitness stimulus and teach you pretty quickly about pacing! Have at it team.

Rx: 21-15-9 Assault bike cals (women 15-12-9 on bike only), CTB pullups, Shoulder to Overhead (75/115)

FG2: 55-65/75-95, regular pullups

FG1: bar scaled as needed, jumping pullups

CP: Bar weight 95/135

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