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Gymnastic Skills Class

Hey Vic City,

I know there is a copious amount of excitement behind the new UNLIMITED membership. There is numerous fitness possibilities that come along with the new membership option, and one of those is the gymnastic skills class.

The gymnastic's class runs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 7:30pm-8:30pm. The two sessions are both coached by myself, Adam, and designed with the same programming (only come to Tuesday or Thursday). I'm beyond excited to be apart of the extended membership option, and I try to incorporate exercises and techniques not always available to the regular classes.

The overall theme of the class is to improve the gymnastic skills that are likely going to come up in the CrossFit Open - TTB, chest to bars, handstand push-ups, and muscle ups. Although it is a gymnastic focus, accessory exercises and core exercises are stables of my programming, to increase the fun and effectiveness of the program. There are times when that 'weird' equipment that you see around the gym will come out and be used, so look forward to use of the climbing rope, sleds, sandbags and Dballs, and GHDs.

As previously mentioned, the goal of the class is to improve Open skills. With the Open about 2 months away, training for that will be main focus starting in January. To best prepare, and for me to best help you through the Open WODs, having a baseline of the popular skills is important.

Therefore, for the first two weeks in January, we will start with preliminary testing. This is nothing to stress over, just used to best find appropriate scaling in each of the workouts moving forward. It will be REALLY helpful to make these sessions, especially. Obviously, attending either the Tuesday or Thursday session on a weekly basis will lead to better results, than inconsistent drop-ins.

The programming will allow for drop-ins, but each week will work on progressing from what was practiced the previous weeks. As the class is now going to be open to a variety of ability levels, there will be multiple scaling options for each skill we are working on. Therefore, everyone will be appropriately challenged. All I ask is that you have an open-mind and interest in improving your CrossFit skills and overall fitness.

I'm looking forward to seeing more interested people in the New Year!



Training Wednesday - Thursday

WARM - UP: Dowel Game 5 min, coaches choice of fitness reward!

SKILL: Movement review and scaling for the workout


This is a great opportunity to work on some skills under a bit of fatigue. Work on refinement as opposed to volume, unless you have these skills all dialed!

Rx: 8 rounds (32 min) of 30s work, 30s switch time to the next station:

1. HSPU (kip or strict)

2. TTB

3. Ring Dips or Ring Pushups

4. Box Jump overs (20/24)

FG: HS Hold, Hanging Knee Raise, Ring or Regular Pushups, Step ups

TG: Scaled as needed

CP: strict HSPU, option of GHD for TTB, Ring MU

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