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Rory goes to Ireland

Hey everyone,

One of the coolest things about CrossFit is that there is an ever-expanding network of affiliate gyms worldwide. You might be surprised to see that even in countries you wouldn't expect leisure fitness to thrive, you might find a crossfit box and a bunch of people crushing the workout "Fran".

It's become something of a pastime to visit boxes in cities and countries you visit. Each box definitely has it's own flavour however the communities are generally pretty much the same - a bunch of people are looking to get better and more fit while having fun doing so.

There's a neat video log of CrossFit Games host Rory McKernan's recent visit to Ireland up on Youtube right now. He's tracing some of his ancestors in the old country and getting a feel for the vibe of CrossFit on the Emerald Isle. There are three videos in the series, the first of which is below. Check it out!




WARM-UP: 5 min AMRAP: 1 shuttle run lap, 3 KBS, 2 shuttle run laps, 5 kbs, 3 shuttle run laps, 7 kbs...

SKILL WOD [SCORE]: 5 sets of: 2 power cleans, 3 front squats

Build as you go to the heaviest weight you can execute with great form. You have 30 seconds to complete the lifts and 1:30 between sets!


This is simple yet deadly. Work with a partner, switching every minute. Time cap 20 min.

Rx: Complete 150 burpees, starting each minute with a 10/15 calorie row.

Partner 1 rows 10-15 cals then in the remaining time in the first minute, performs as many burpees as possible. As soon as the minute turns over, the second partner goes. Keep a running total of the burpee count and stop when you get to 150 reps!

FG: Scale to 100 burpees, 8/12 calories on the row

Tg: Scale to 75 burpees, 8/12 calories on the row

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