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Programming - Why EMOMs

Hey all, I'm going to start doing videos about various aspects of our training program at CrossFit Vic City. We utilize a very unique programming system that is very different from the usual CrossFit 6 day rotation, and there are many great reasons for that! I figure that the more you know the reasons "WHY" we are doing things, the more likely you are to pursue the right type of stimulus in certain workouts. This will accelerate your progress and help you avoid burnout in the process.

In this first video (apologies for the audio - I will improve it in future editions), I discuss the role of EMOM workouts in the overall picture of our programming. Specifically, I talk about how they fit into a training week, and how they allow real development of skills that can be transferred into workouts.

Take a look and let me know what you think!





WARM-UP: With a partner, 5 min amrap: 10 synchro double crunch (match at bottom and top), 8 pushup with hand tag (face each other, tag diagonal hands at top of pushup), 20 medball clean + chest pass (10 per partner, stand close together, clean ball then pass to partner)

WOD: Group Therapy

TEAMS OF 3, must be mixed scaling levels and will be assigned by your coach!

PART 1: 15 minutes for each member of your team to get a 6, 4, and 2 rep thruster with the bar taken from the floor. Add up all of your team's successful lifts for your score in part 1. 2 bars allowed if team has a mix of men and women

*rest as needed*

PART 2: 9 min AMRAP

Each team member works for 1 minute straight before tagging the next person. Rotate three times through your full team. Total reps is your score

Rx: Burpee - Pullups (must have to jump to bar)

FG: 5 burpees, 5 jumping pullups

TG: 5 burpees, 5 ring rows

CP: Burpee Bar Muscle ups (each rep worth 2 pts) OR Burpee ctb pullups (each rep worth 1 pt)

*rest as needed*

PART 3: 12 min AMRAP

Each team member works for 4 minutes straight before tagging the next person. You only go once through per person! Max reps of cals plus wallballs is your score!

All Scaling levels: 1 min row (cal), 2 min wallballs, 1 min row

CP: standard weight wallballs! (14/20lb to 9/10')

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