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Shake off the Christmas - Holidays - New Years rust with a truly EPIC wod. Born out of the classic "Filthy Fifty" but twisted to include a partner and a different variety of exercises, this workout will catch you up a few weeks in one hour(ish).

In total, we're looking at 1000 reps split between your partnership. You may split up as needed, switching with your partner on a prescribed number or just as you begin to fatigue. One of the keys of a workout like this is not going too deep into your reserves early on - so switch before you feel like you need to!

Due to the length of the workout, there will be a short warm up and intro, so be sure to get to the gym EARLY to get yourself generally warm prior to the class starting.

Pace yourself, communicate with your partner, and get it done, it's going to be amazing to witness your fitness in the first WOD of 2018!!




WARM-UP: Partner shuttle run - Plank

1, 2, 3, 4 laps each (5 min cap)


Work with a partner, switching as needed!

Rx: 100 total reps of each movement, 40 min time cap!

1. Row calories

2. Power Cleans (65/95)

3. Pullups

4. Box Jumps

5. Wallballs

6. Double unders

7. Shoulder to Overhead

8. Kettlebell Swings

9. Front Squats

10. Burpees

FG: Scale exercise difficulty as needed, consider 75 reps of everything

TG: 50 reps total of everything, scale movements as needed

CP: bar weight 95/135, heavy/harder everything, DB 35/50 for StO

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